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A Guru passes on his knowledge of music to the disciples hoping that they learn to live the art.

Dear All,

Dandiya is a mesmerizing poetry of human movements in tune to captivating rhythmic beats, intermittent jingling sound of bells and clattering of sticks, and electrifying flow of colours and light.
For those who have entered, even once, in the magnetic range of its enticement, it is poetry par excellence.

As we all know that Navaratri is soon approaching, So why be spectators this season?
Let us learn this beautiful dance form and celebrate the joy of dancing.

We would be teaching techniques and basics of Garba-Dandiya along with various variations.
Also for the love of Bollywood-Freestyle, we will have some Freestyle Garba-Dandia inspired from various other styles.
Come join us for a 15 days workshop☺
In associate with Gorakhpur club ...
Arpita Chitra Upadhyay